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Chapter 1. Let Us Start At The Beginning

Furry’s shared reading guided lessons are a sequence of interactive discussions, games, worksheets, and other activities to guide early learners through different concepts and skills as they learn and gain skills.

Chapter 1 – Let Us Start at The Beginning

Chapter 1 Introduces:

The cast of characters

  • One stuffed penguin, who does not yet have a name.
  • The “Littles” who are the children.
  • The “Stuffies” who are the stuffed animals who live in the Penguin Kindergarten Classroom.
  • A particular stuffie penguin is introducing the many kinds of penguins and their differences. To learn more about Penguins visit Defenders of the Wilderness or Google Penguins.

Life skills concepts

Time to talk together 

What is your name?

  • First name?
  • Middle name?
  • Last name?
  • Nickname? Do you like your nickname?

Learn together and dig deeper.

Talk with your child about how unique the child’s name is and if you know how they got their name. You can share that it is good people and animals and things have names, or we would have to say, “Hey you!” and no one would know which you, you are. Or for an animal we would call out, “Hello dog!” and that would not work too well either. And as for things, it never works very well to say, “I need that.” It is better to be more specific. Specific means you are telling more about something, so you know who is talking to or about who and what you really need instead of what you really do not want.

A long time ago, people only had only first names.

Then people had names with their jobs. So for example, John Cooper would be John who is the cooper or barrel maker who lives in my village which is a small town. A barrel maker was an important job. Before we had electricity and refrigerators and running water people kept dried food and liquids in barrels. The barrels kept the small animals from eating the food.

Often last names were added was with Son or Daughter. So Sam Benson would be Sam who is the son of Ben. And Amy Johnsdaughter would be Amy who is John’s daughter. Son is said differently in different countries, and you can learn more here. 

Sometimes it was a description of the person like John Small because he was a small size man, Susan Little because she was a tiny woman, or Tom Black because he had black hair.

In Native American/First Nations/Indigenous cultures names are often earned and a person’s name may change during a lifetime.  The name is a sacred gift and has special meaning to the person receiving the name. The name may mark an event or achievement; it may be a special animal.

Together Time

More Chapter 1 Discussion

  • Who are some of the Kindergarten Stuffies?
    • What are their names?
      (Penguin, Pony, Giraffe, Donkey, Cow, Bat, Mouse, Dog, Puppy, Poodle, Rooster, Goose, Chick, Duck, Owl, Pig, Lamb, Lion, Raccoon, Hedgehog, Fox, Tiger, Elephant, Zebra, Monkey, Cat, Bear, Rabbit, Dinosaur, Squirrel)
  • What is a secret?
    • What does “spill the beans” mean?
      (Information you know that is not to be told to others without permission)
  • What does it mean to exaggerate?
    • (To make something seem larger, more important, better, or worse than it really is)
    • Do you think zig-trillion-billion-million is a real number?

Animal skills concepts –
Learn more about penguins

Just for fun

Shared reading

Furry encourages ALL children to participate in “shared reading”.

  • Level 1: Non-verbal children.
  • Level 2: Pre-readers
  • Level 3: Early readers
  • Level 4: Reading together

Get Your Move On

Waddle Waddle
(Download curriculum Chapter One for words)

“Flap, Flap!”
“Flap, Flap!”
“Waddle, Waddle. “Waddle, Waddle”
“Flap, Flap, Flap”
That’s how penguins move.

“Flap, Flap!”
“Clap, Clap!”
“Waddle, Waddle. Waddle, Waddle”
“Flap, Clap, Flap”
That’s how penguins move.

“Flap, Flap!”
“Huddle, Huddle!”
“Waddle, Waddle. Huddle, Huddle”
“Wrap, Flap, Wrap”
That’s how penguins move.

“Flap, Flap!”
“Clap, Clap!”
“Wrap, Wrap!”
“Waddle, Waddle. Silly Sliding”
“Flap, Flip, Slip”
Penguins on the move.

More with Furry
(FREE worksheets in our curriculum)

  • Draw
  • Color
  • Write
  • Tell
  • Show
  • Make

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