Sample of Math Book Two – Almost Ten (Number 4)

START WITH BOOK ONE – It is fun and it is easy and will help your child gain number sense versus counting sense.
Counting provides little in math understanding. Below is a sample of our empowerment sheets in BOOK TWO – all the games are included in the books.

Author and educator Marcia Chambers fills in the gap for children who need support in gaining number sense.

FUN AND GAMES CONCEPT MATH – Building a Firm Math Foundation – BOOK ONE
This book assists the parents or teachers of young children with math challenges. Projects, activities, and games promote the fundamental language of numbers in easy to use directions. How children learn numbers may be surprising: movement, song, games, and art promote the understanding of our first number- ONE! This book is easy reading with instructions and conversation starters to encourage interest in the numerals one through six with no pressure.

American Sign Language, tips for color blindness, and visually challenged information will guide and enhance the learning experience. There were plenty of instructions and teacher manuals for the one instructor and 16 students that ranged in the beginning to advanced stages for number sense, but what about the youngsters that struggled to comprehend the language of mathematics?
• How can we reach these children?
• Where was the manual for the one or two whose brains were not connecting values, patterns, or strategy?
• Who had those tools?

This book is not the end-all but merely the beginning of recognizing the basics of learning using our senses, plus lots of movement and inclusion activities. The S.M.A.R.T. program is aThe Minnesota-born initiative that promotes various movements and motions to create pathways of relationships from the body to the brain. Thank you, Dr. Lyelle Palmer, for your valuable input on this book. I loved watching my students become engaged and looking forward to the next station!

ALMOST TEN – Building a Firm Math Foundation – BOOK TWO

This book assists the parents or teachers of young children with math challenges and builds upon Book One from working with number concepts One through Almost Ten. Almost Ten helps our students understand the next developmental steps with projects, activities, and games to promote numbers’ fundamental language in easy-to-use directions.

How children learn may be surprising: movement, stories, songs, games, and art spark connections within this next in-series SIX through TEN! The manual is easy reading with instructions and conversation starters to encourage interaction and curiosity. We do review ONE through SIX while building up to the introduction of the next numbers to give you a seamless transition of learning with no pressure. Below is a sample of our Review of the Number 4 – remember children at this stage have already played with this number in BOOK ONE.


It is vital that you use our curriculum to get the MOST out of helping your child game number sense. We use fun, games, movements, natural experiences, and empowerment game pages, and cards.
(Right mouse click to save the image to use with your child – note the curriculum is VITAL is making this a developmental program)

Of course we provide back up sheets so you do not have to ruin your teaching books