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Furry: The Little Penguins That Could
was written to teach about friendship, acceptance and inclusion.

Mac’s story and it’s accompanying curriculum helps children through understand acceptance and prevent bullying. By teaching understanding we hope to alleviate the loneliness and trauma children with differences face in their lives. The lack of friendship affects everything. Every child needs a friend and a everyone matters. Today, as Mac shops with his mom or attends events in his community, kids greet Mac. Mac is accepted, simply for being Mac in his community.

Furry: The Little Penguins That Could is a 208 page “read-aloud and together story” with delightful drawings.

Mac’s year in Kindergarten taught us many important things. Miracles do happen. And a stuffed penguin can become real. This is their story.

Little Furry

This amazing “LITTLE FURRY” 6″ Penguin makes the perfect pick when you want to add a much-needed touch of ‘aww’ to your collection. His tiny little shape and form makes sure he offers a friendly and wonderful little companion to help really build up your growing collection.

  • Suitable for all ages and personalities.
  • Made from the finest quality of material for lasting love.
  • 6” long from top to bottom.
  • Manufactured by Aurora.

Baby Backpack Furry

Now you can bring the cuteness of your favorite penguin along with you with these adorable tiny “FURRY BACKPACK WITH CLIPS”! These little penguins will follow you wherever you put them, ready to comfort you and put a smile on your face.

  • 4 inches tall.
  • Basic plastic clip-on allows for attachment to almost anything!
  • High quality plush makes for a soft touch.
  • Available in Gray for family

Tiny Titan – Journey of Hope

The Story of the Family That Would Not Give Up — Life for the Yurceks changed dramatically in 1989 after Ann’s sixth child, Becca, was born with a rare genetic disorder that affected every system in her tiny body. When medical bills reached over $1,000,000.00 her husband, Jim, lost his job as a carpet salesman and the family spiraled into poverty.

Note: Furry, renamed by Mac is Perky the Penguin by Aurora, sold in fine gift shops.
Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality plush products.

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